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Here are some Indian dessert recipes for you. Indian desserts are liked everywhere and if you are looking for some easy to make dessert recipes that are Indian, please try these simple dessert recipes. After reading this you will never go wrong in making rasgulla and rasmalai.


Rasgulla - rasgulla is made from fresh cottage cheese, also known as 'paneer'. This can be easily made at home and is one of the very popular Indian dessert. Learn to make rasgulla in easy steps.

rasmalai Rasmalai - When you are looking for a chilled, delicious Indian dessert recipe during summers, Rasmalai fits the bill. Rasmalai is nothing but rasgullas immersed in thickened milk. When you make rasgullas, you can always spare a few to make rasmalai.

kheer Kheer Recipe - This kheer recipe is made from rice. You can call it a Indian version of a rice pudding. Although the taste, flavor and appearance are all very unique. In some homes, kheer is made almost daily. This Indian dessert recipe can be served hot or cold.

carrot halva Carrot Halva - Carrot halva or also known as 'gajar ka halwa' is a Indian dessert made from carrot and khoya (solidified milk). It is served hot, especially during the cold winter season. Since, khoya may not be always available, I have used milk in this recipe.

sevia kheer Vermicelli Kheer - Vermicelli kheer is also called sevion ki kheer. It is made by boiling the vermicelli in milk. It is flavored with green cardamom. This Indian dessert can be served either hot or cold.

paneer barfi Paneer Barfi - Barfi is made in Indian sweet shops with Khoya. But this pistachio paneer barfi is a very healthy dessert recipe as it is made from skimmed milk. Easily prepared at home this is one Indian dessert you will love to make again and again.

sooji ka halwa Sooji ka Halwa - Halwa is a very famous Indian dessert. It can be made from gram flour, wheat flour, mung dal and even potato. This one here is made from semolina also known as sooji ka halwa, it is also a very easy to make dessert recipe.

sooji ki kheerSooji Ki Kheer - Sooji ki kheer is an Indian dessert recipe made from milk and semolina. The recipe here comes from a Parsi family, among whom the suji kheer is not just a dessert but a traditional way of celebrating a special occasion. This tastes best when served chilled.

If you are looking to cook some cakes and puddings, here are some more easy dessert recipes for you.

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