"Are you looking for cooking some tasty, free
and healthy recipes?"

If yes, you are at the right place. Welcome. This website contains a variety of healthy recipes that I like a lot and hope you will like them too.

Please take a tour and you might find many recipes of interest to you.

If you are in a hurry just bookmark this page and come back again later.

I am a home cook just like you and Cooking is my passion.

I believe that there is no bigger delight than to cook for your family and friends, good, tasty and healthy recipes. I am sure you will agree with me ...won't you?

It is quite amazing how different international cuisines can be prepared by using the same set of ingredients. I think that food is the thread that ties us all together. Isn't that true?

About my cooking

I love to play around with the ingredients and try to be creative. You should also cook to your palate's desire and experiment to your heart's content. You will see it is so much fun. Being an Indian my inclination toward Indian cooking is understandable (I mean who doesn't like the flavors of India). But my culinary periphery doesn't end there.

I appreciate good food regardless of it's geographical origin. So it could be Pasta, Lasagna, Ravioli, Stroganoff, Stir fry, Sunday roast, Chili beef, Rendang or Chicken Curry (the list is endless).... the bottom line is that it is all delicious. In the end that is all that matters. Doesn't it?

vegetable pasta in white sauce

In the best interest of my family's health, I tend to use very little oil in my daily cooking, so a lot of my recipes are healthy recipes .....

Having said that I think, being a little naughty is allowed....Right?

I mean, how can you make a good chocolate mousse without double cream and chocolate?


How can you possibly make mayonnaise without an egg and a cup full of oil????

Oh wait a minute... You can, yes you really can and I promise no one will know the difference. Check it for yourself, in the salad section.
I have given cooking tips and suggestions, wherever I can to help make even your 'unhealthy recipes', into 'healthy recipes'

So what would you like to cook?

Together let us make Cooking a joyous experience rather than a cumbersome task. Remember, if you enjoy your cooking process,the end result will be good.

Cooking can be a great way to relax and to see a smile on your loved one's face is an added bonus which makes all your time effort and labor worth while.

Whatever your likings are, I am sure you will not be disappointed. You can click on any of the links below or look to the left for the navigation bar and start browsing.

As the site grows, I promise to share many more of my recipes, so that you can enjoy some easy, healthy and tasty food.

Last but not the least I would like to say a Big THANK YOU for staying with me for so long. Any Criticism, suggestion or query related to a recipe is always welcome. So please feel free to write through the 'contact us' page.

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