What is black pudding?

by Shobha
(New Delhi, India)

Is black pudding not a pudding? My friend said it is salty and not sweet. So what is it? Why is it called a pudding if not a dessert?

Hi Shobha,
Your friend is correct, black pudding is not a dessert. It is also known as blood sausage. More popular in the U.K, true English black pudding is pigs blood and fat, which is then matured for a while. Best served sliced, fried, with sausage, eggs, bacon, beans, and toast.

A friend of mine told me that you can find similar blood sausage in Colombia. It is called morcilla, they mix the blood with rice and peas, and there is a speciality dish from a region called Santander where they use goat's blood.

Hope this helps.

Maybe others will also chip in their two pennys worth on this question.


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