Add A Smoky Aroma to your dish to complete the flavor.

Do you miss the smoky aroma in your home cooked Tandoori Chicken???

Don't worry your Tandoori chicken, Shami Kebabs, chicken kebabs, butter chicken and even dal makhani will have that aroma, without the tandoor.

So what is a tandoor??

A tandoor is a big clay oven, which uses charcoal as its fuel (a little bit like a barbecue, except this has a lid.) The shape is cylindrical. The charcoal is placed at the bottom. Any food cooked in this kind of oven, always has a smoky, char grilled aroma and flavor.

Since it is not possible for us to have such an oven at home,the best we can do is use the same principle, to achieve that aroma and flavor.

Here's what you do

  • Take a piece of charcoal (just one will suffice).
  • Place that on your gas burner and heat it

  • heating coal on flame

  • With the help of metal tongs, just keep rotating it on the flame
  • Wait till it becomes red hot.

  • lifting coal using tongs

  • While this is happening, place your masala or meat ready, in a deep pan
  • Make a well in the center of your masala and place a steel bowl or even an aluminum foil .

  • coal in a bowl

  • Lift your charcoal from the burner, using metal tongs and place on this foil or steel bowl.
  • Pour 1/2 Tsp of oil on it. This will begin to smoke.

  • lifting coal

    adding oil to the piece of coal

  • Immediately cover this with a lid, in order to retain the smoke inside.
  • Keep that covered for 15-20 minutes.

  • close the lid

    By now the masala or meat should have absorbed the smoky flavor. Just repeat the process, if you feel it is still lacking.

    Try this smoky aroma in some quick easy chicken recipes - Tadoori chicken recipe, butter chicken recipe and don't forget to use it in making dal makhani recipe.

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